A sacred place for your work-in-progress music

Organize your music the way you want

Organize your tracks into projects and folders, which are synced across iPhone and Web on all your devices.

Share and see who listens

Share links with friends, collaborate, and get notified when someone listens to your tracks.

Upload and listen painlessly

Upload directly from Airdrop, Files, iMessage or anywhere you're getting sent music.

Work offline

Listen, edit, and organize no matter your internet connection with offline mode.

Made in Brooklyn, NY

Record your ideas

Record and nurture your inspiration whenever it strikes.

Update your tracks with new versions

Replace audio for existing tracks and have access to the version history.

Stay connected on your desktop

Drag and drop files and folders directly from your desktop onto our web app.

Keep your music safe

We partnered with a world-class cybersecurity firm to protect your music. Our encryption is on par with Dropbox and SoundCloud and we are aiming to be the most secure place for your work-in-progress music. Read more.

Edit the pitch & speed of your tracks

Figure out what sounds best without needing to go to your DAW.

Add password protection to your links

Feel ultimate control over who has access to your music.

Loop sections and trim your tracks

Obsess over every section of your track and trim your tracks however you like.

Share snippets of your music to Instagram Stories

No more need to screen record [untitled] or anything else. Share snippets of your work-in-progress music with one of our beautiful visualizers directly to Instagram.